No. More. Wires.

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No. More. Wires.

Get them now

Not your average wireless earbuds

EarMe: One
  • Touch

    A slick design without any physical buttons. Excellence. Comfortable and attractive.That's the word we use to describe EarMe.

  • Affordable

    EarMe doesn't want you to pay  $200 for a pair of wireless earbuds. We want you to enjoy music at a fair price. Our EarMe: One offers great value for money so don't miss out!

  • Battery

    Don't you hate it when you're at work and the battery dies? With the optomized battery and Bluetooth 5.0 we offer 7 hours playtime, 120 hours stand-by and no delay while listening to music or watching a video.

  • Waterproof

    Above this all we offer IPX4 water resistant rating for ultimate peace of mind. Nothing like a good listen in the rain. Am I right?

We want you to be happy.

We know how hard it can be for you to enjoy your multimedia content. That’s why we created EarMe. These are designed to be small, inconspicuous but powerful enough to deliver the bass and high quality sound you always wanted, all in a very comprehensive package for a fair price.


I don't have alot to say about it besides it exceeded all my expectations. Well build and very affordable. I would recommand this to anyone! If shipping just could be a bit faster, that would really awesome. Keep it up guys. 

The sound quality is amazing. Very low bass and the pitches are at the right tone. I had problem with the battery whatsoever as they lasted from 9 to 5 (with a short charge break of 1 hr). When does the EarMe: Two come out? 

I love the black ones. They look really sleek and  I have no complaints about them. Everything just works as it should: sound quality is great, microphone is well placed, connection is good enough at around 8 meters. The control sensors were at first a bit odd for me but you get used to it pretty fast. Very please! Thanks!

I ordered bouth the black and white ones. Just because I want them to match my outfit and thought the battery wouldn't last the whole day. Hah, I was wrong. I've been using the white ones for 5 days without charging the battery once. I will be giving the blacks to my sister for her birthday. I hope she will enjoy them!