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Why You Should Go For Wireless Earbuds


Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone in 2016. Ofcourse, alot of consumers were panicking. How would they use their headphones? Today, there are a large number of wireless headphone options that use Bluetooth to connect to your mobile devices and are arguably more userfriendly than the traditional wired headphones. We're one of them.


Why Should I Go Wireless?
There are so many advantages of going wireless. These are the key benefits:

  • Convenience: having a wire may be a constant nuisance while moving. Work, cooking, working out, true wireless earbuds help eliminate the hassle. With a bluetooth range of 10 meter, you can feel free to move around untethered from your phone
  • Easy access: How many times have you had to untangle a headphone cord after it's been sitting your pocket? No more.
  • Quick pairing: no need to plug in, pairing your EarMe's with your device is easy. Once paired up, they will automatically sync the next time they are turned on for use.