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Welcome to EarMe, we are a company that provides you with high quality, but affordable wireless earbuds. We know how hard it can be for you to enjoy your multimedia content especially when you are on the go. That’s why we created EarMe: Ones. These are designed to be small, inconspicuous but powerful enough to deliver the bass and high quality sound you always wanted, all in a very comprehensive package.

We believe that sound quality is pivotal if you want to have a great time listening to the latest music, podcasts or enjoy your private phone calls. Thanks to our earbuds you can do that on the spot. These products are designed with noise cancellation in mind and they also have a built-in microphone too. So not only do you get to listen at a very high quality, you also have the opportunity to talk with others too if you want.

In addition, we wanted to make everything easy to use, and that’s why we don’t use buttons for our product. Instead, everything is touch based and thus you will have an intuitive way to interact with everything without any hassle. Basically all you need to do is to put them in your ears, connect them to the device and then you are good to go. The product manual shares all interaction ideas and features, all you need is to give this a shot for the best results and you will be extremely happy with the results.

Our product is accessible on both white and black, it can easily sync in via Bluetooth 5 and it will last around 7 hours of constant play time and 120 hours of standby time. Also, charging it completely will take roughly 5 hours.

We know that sometimes you want to use your earbuds near a pool or beach, and that’s why we made our product waterproof. You have IPX4 waterproofing that will help your earbuds stay away from splashing water or anything like that.

These earbuds were created specifically to suit customer requirements and they are also based on our own experience. We wanted to provide customers with something that solved our needs when it comes to listening to music quietly and wherever we want. And we are sure that these great earbuds will fulfill your needs too. Browse our store and check them out today, you will be very impressed with your purchase!